Monday, September 1, 2014


This morning I thought I would get up and fold my clean fluffy towels from the dryer... Think again, go out to get the towels and guess what? they are still wet!  This wouldn't be so irritating if I hadn't already washed this same exact load 2 times right before!  From the beginning I had washed the towels put them in the dryer and forgot to start it, a day later come back and they are wet and smelly sooo I put them in the wash again, then put them in the dryer and pretty much the same exact thing happened again! so here we are on the third wash same load!!! Why? I don't think this is the way to save water lol.  This is what happens when I get side tracked.  The neighbors are probably wondering why I keep screaming @#$%^ every time I open the dryer hahahaha

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

 Well I guess summer is pretty much over.  Labor day weekend has always signified the last weekend of the summer before going back to school and even though I am not in school, for some reason it just feels like summer is over and Fall is on its way here.  In every store there are back to school sales where you can buy your fall clothes and sweat your you know what off (since we live in CA).  I am really hoping for a cool winter.  I have a lot of boots that need to be worn and it would be a really nice break from the heat.  Its funny that when you live in a cold climate you want heat and when you live in the heat you want cool.  Anyways so far this weekend we have really made the most of having fun.  Friday we had a Margarita party at my parents because we have some friends from NZ in town and Saturday Grant went surfing and us women folk went shopping.  I didn't get much, but everything I got will be wrapped for Christmas.  Last year was a nightmare when it came to Christmas shopping!  I didn't have things for everyone and had to go out the day before Christmas, long story short I ended up just grabbing things and getting stuck in a ton of traffic!

Anyways I have always loved fall and the going back to school shopping ( I use to do) and the pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Now that we have a child it will all be so much more fun!

 Here is Ruby in her new Anna dress, looking Fantastic!
 Here is Mel making Emmett laugh.
 This is what it looks like as I write this post.  Yes margarita party of one lol. (Grant's drinking beer)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


For the last week all I have been hearing is wave this and swell that and beach this and storm that.  Anyways I guess we just got the largest waves that have hit CA in something like 15 years, a once in a life time hit of huge waves.  Grant is and was very excited to do lots of surfing.  On Wednesday the largest of the wave days my mom and I went to the beach to see these huge waves and it was so crowded everywhere that we ended up just driving through and looking out the car window ha ha.  I guess that is close enough for me anyways hahaha.

Here are some nice pictures I tried to get of the waves, but obviously missed the large waves lol.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looking Back

The fun thing about having a blog is getting to go back and see what you were doing around the same time years before.  I really like when I come across a story that I had written and completely forgotten about.  I have added links to what I was doing each year around this time. 

I was living in NZ and had only been there a few months.
I was back in NZ after being home visiting my family.
I was still in NZ lol!
We had just moved back to CA from NZ and we were planning our wedding.
We were renting a small apartment in Orange and dealing with a super hot summer with no air.
I was a few months pregnant and feeling very average!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Emmett is 6 Months Old

 I can't believe I have a 6 month old (heck I can't believe I have a baby lol)!  He is already half a year old, which means I had him a half a year ago.  For some reason it feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant.  Anyways he is getting so grown up all of a sudden.  He eats real big people food, blended of course, but so far he has had peas, green beans, and banana and cereal every morning.  Soon we will be trying spinach and carrots.  Its a slow process to introduce foods since they have to try one at a time for 3 days straight.

He now has teeth! 2 teeth on the bottom and he loves to use them.  He will grab your finger, stick it in his mouth and chomp down before you even know what is happening.  He is rolling all over the place.  I put him to sleep in one position to come back and find him at the opposite side backwards and turned around.  He is mobile via his walker!  He really loves that thing and can get around pretty quick.  He smiles a lot and loves to go on walks in the mornings.  We have been reading everyday and now that I have joined the library we can branch out and get some new material to look at.

We have already made it through 2 colds! Yes a cold in the summer, how is it possible?  He is a real trouper and we got lucky that they didn't last long.  He weighs around 17 pounds and I think 27 inches long. Oh yeah and he can sit all on his own!

We made it through the summer and I think we are all ready for the fall.
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