Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looking Back

The fun thing about having a blog is getting to go back and see what you were doing around the same time years before.  I really like when I come across a story that I had written and completely forgotten about.  I have added links to what I was doing each year around this time. 

I was living in NZ and had only been there a few months.
I was back in NZ after being home visiting my family.
I was still in NZ lol!
We had just moved back to CA from NZ and we were planning our wedding.
We were renting a small apartment in Orange and dealing with a super hot summer with no air.
I was a few months pregnant and feeling very average!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Emmett is 6 Months Old

 I can't believe I have a 6 month old (heck I can't believe I have a baby lol)!  He is already half a year old, which means I had him a half a year ago.  For some reason it feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant.  Anyways he is getting so grown up all of a sudden.  He eats real big people food, blended of course, but so far he has had peas, green beans, and banana and cereal every morning.  Soon we will be trying spinach and carrots.  Its a slow process to introduce foods since they have to try one at a time for 3 days straight.

He now has teeth! 2 teeth on the bottom and he loves to use them.  He will grab your finger, stick it in his mouth and chomp down before you even know what is happening.  He is rolling all over the place.  I put him to sleep in one position to come back and find him at the opposite side backwards and turned around.  He is mobile via his walker!  He really loves that thing and can get around pretty quick.  He smiles a lot and loves to go on walks in the mornings.  We have been reading everyday and now that I have joined the library we can branch out and get some new material to look at.

We have already made it through 2 colds! Yes a cold in the summer, how is it possible?  He is a real trouper and we got lucky that they didn't last long.  He weighs around 17 pounds and I think 27 inches long. Oh yeah and he can sit all on his own!

We made it through the summer and I think we are all ready for the fall.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Social Media and the Weekend

Sometimes I get so sick of social media, I say this as I type this on my blog lol.  I feel like my blog is different from facebook for me, because I can look back and see events that were happening in my life in the past and its also a good time line.  I am finding facebook (for me) to be a little overwhelming lately.  I go on there because I get an email that says someone has commented on something I have put up and initially I am just there to check the comment, then the next thing I know I have been scrolling through tons of crap people have liked and commented on.  I often think if we didn't have internet and facebook a whole lot more would get done, maybe not as fast but probably a lot more efficiently and done better.  Anyways I would just delete my facebook if I didn't have a lot of family and friends who lived in another country that we want to stay in contact with.  I have deleted my instagram because its just one more thing to deal with and look at, its like a picture overload.  Remember when we use to take pictures once in a while and get them developed and put them in an album, now we take pictures everyday and never print them out.  Well I guess its just becoming a little bit too much so I have quit instagram and I am not going to be going on Facebook very often.  I will still be blogging and I will link my blog so people can see, but I think that is it for now.  Grant said, its like the saying if a tree falls in the woods, but you didn't facebook it did it really happen?  Do we only do things now days so we can take pictures of ourselves doing whatever "it" is and put it on the internet?  Seems like it to me since everywhere I go I see people walking around like zombies staring at their phones...

I feel like we did a lot this weekend.  Emmett turned 6 months old!
I went to my friend Danielle's baby shower, and we did a painting and vino night.

  Soon we will have so much art we won't know what to do with it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


 This week we spent a night up at my mom's house for the bunco party.  We had an excellent time, and the next day I decided to stay for the day and work on some art and hang out.  My dad was fishing so it was just a girls day.  Emmett is officially walking in his walker, he loves it and he really gets around.  I was working on my painting when I look around to see him, all I saw was the edge of the walker poking out from under the table.  Thank goodness he didn't pull everything down lol!  That would have been a real mess.  I looked under the table and there he was smiling hahaha.  He had a look on his face of, how did I get under here? hahaha.

 He then kept going till he was under the next table lol.  It was a fun game for him.
Toot toot here I come...

Yes my mom has a lot of tables in her house, but she had 2 more because of the bunco party lol.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What We Wore Wednesday

 We have been out and about this week, which means we are getting dressed lol.

 Kiwi NZ tiki shirt

Below is the hat I made for Emmett before he was born.  Of course its too hot to wear but we tried it on to make sure it will fit for winter.

 Here is Hazel looking soo super stylish at the zoo.

 Emmett is going through clothes so fast I have to take pictures to remember all these cute outfits friends and family have got him.

pleated poppy
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